Product Introduction


Commodities tradeecological chain
Strengthen the connection and trust between the various links of the industrial chain, and reduce the capital cost of the entire industrial chain. Build a new generation of efficient ecosystem

Smart Contract
Smart contract technology ensures stable and efficient operation of all links, and all information and credentials will be carried out as scheduled.

Consensus technology
All information is linked to a consensus to ensure that the relevant information of each link and each participant is safe and cannot be tampered with

Asymmetric encryption
When encrypting and decrypting information on the chain, the asymmetric encryption algorithm with double keys can greatly improve the immutability of the information and improve the security.

  • TradeUnicom is a high-performance blockchain platform based on multi-dimensional chain technology. The cutting-edge technology of intellectual property, based on the goal of serving a common commercial platform, and at the same time scalable to service banking and mobile payment and other financial scenarios to adapt to future new economic needs, by adopting new data architecture and integration of new encryption and security technologies, starting with the underlying protocol and rebuilding a multiple dimensions, high reliability, performance, security, and privacy and low energy consumption, environmentally friendly new blockchain public chain.

    ●   More than 30 international patents of underlying technology

    ●   TPS > 300,00

    ●   According to the priority classification of intra-chain communication, automatically optimize the        node global routing technology

    ●   Provide public and custom API