About Us

The Group Introduction

IBS stands for International Business Settlement Holdings Limited (Stock Code of Hong Kong Stock Exchange: 00147.HK) and is committed to becoming a leading global financial technology company.

The rapid development of global financial technology has brought major changes and development opportunities to the global financial industry. IBS seizes the opportunity to deploy the next-generation global clearing and settlement network based on distributed network, blockchain and other technologies. By connecting with the central bank real-time settlement system of various countries, it provides a fast, efficient and low-cost financial highway between countries.

IBS builds a multi-currency, international, and distributed global clearing platform. The platform is not only for regional governance (sovereign countries), but also shared by many participants (common financial institutions). It aims to achieve global point-to-point, "7X24" (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), multi-currency, and real-time fund settlement for global cross-border trading companies and individuals.

It aims to realize the interconnection of Europe, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions through the system connection with the central banks and commercial banks of various sovereign countries. It bears China and the world, between countries in the region, and between regions and the world Real-time clearing and settlement of multiple currencies

Compared with the traditional high-cost and low-efficiency clearing path, IBS has developed rapidly in the global broad market with the next-generation clearing and settlement network, and reconstructed the global clearing and settlement market structure.