Product Introduction


Digital Credit and Currency System

        The digital economy has become an important force driving the innovation and development of the global economy. As a leader in legal digital currency research, IBS has promoted comprehensive solutions for digital currencies.

        As the pioneer of this area, IBS expended cooperations opportunities with banks, securities, funds and financial firms to ensure the leading position on financial technology area.

        DCCS(digital currency and credits system) is aiming to replace physical cash, reduce cost of troditional currency issuance and circulation, increase convenience of payment, increase the transparency of economic transactions, reduce illegal crimes such as money-washing and tax evasion, and improve the country's currency control of supply and circulation. At the same time, DCCS has expanded the application of blockchain technology behind the legal digital currency to the entire financial industry and other fields to ensure the safety of funds and information and enhance the overall efficiency of society.

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet is a legal digital currency wallet that lunched by IBS which based on real identity authentication. It combines city management, citizens daily life, financial and payment services. It combines all channels of online and offline payment, and provides all kinds services of citizens consuming  and clearing needs. 

Digital Wallet provides most advanced and fast payment menthod to clients: fast trading, lower service fees, promote consumption market. 

Digital Wallet provides consumption credits to clients: For those who can meet the installment payment, provide installment payment quota, increase the number of merchants sales, make the merchants get more profits, and promote market prosperity

Digital Wallet satisfies the payment requirements universally used at home and abroad, and can be consumed directly in the local currency without the need to convert other currencies, reducing the cost of multiple exchanges, and making repayments convenient and flexible.

Digital Credit 

Digital credit based on CBDC can be placed in the consumer market, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. Since CBDC has a natural credit label, it can strengthen bank supervision, reduce the rate of bad debts, solve the short-term fund problems of individuals or enterprises, and promote social development.

Sending targeted consumption credits to unemployment individuals and families

A. For bailout plan during the epidemic

1. interest free for 12-24 months
2. stipulate the use of GEICC Digital Credit through smart contract, and support consumption of daily necessaries rather than purchasing tobaccos, alcohols or gambling.

B. Sustainable development
1. substitute VISA and MASTER gradually to resist hegemony by USD and counter economic sanction by the U.S. 
2. faster, cost-effective, more accurate, and more intelligent

For SMEs---Digital Credits Finance

IBS provides a full set of legal digital currency technology and financial solutions. Based on the SME financial scenario, it provides credit digital financial services for SMEs.

The results of digital analysis of corporate credit can control the risks of SMEs in transactions. Promote the development of SMEs and stimulate economic vitality.

One of the core features of legal digital currency is central supervision, which can use refined distributed ledgers to track the direction of currency circulation and accelerate the efficiency of currency circulation. Legal digital currency has natural credit data information, and uses corporate credit data to provide short-term unsecured digital credit financial services to provide capital and liquidity to ensure the daily operation of the enterprise.

The legal digital currency has the currency circulation attribute, so that SMEs in the industrial chain can operate in accordance with the currency circulation, but it does not occupy the capital cost of the currency, and it improving the efficiency of the capital flow of SMEs.Save the initial financing costs of SMEs and lower the threshold for starting financing. Digital credit financial services can make SME financing easier. The use of legal digital currency to innovate account receivable credit services can give full play to the advantages of digital currency credit and rapid bank review, quickly solve the problem of insufficient short-term capital flow for small and medium-sized enterprises, and solve the enterprises that face bankruptcy due to insufficient short-term cash flow.

For Large-scale Infrastructure Construction

●   In the application of CBDC in large-scale infrastructure construction, only 10% -30% of cash + 70% of CBDC is needed to be invested in the early stage to run the project.

●   Reduce the cost of silent capital, make project capital flow faster and increase the efficiency of project capital flow. And for the upstream and downstream industry chains of the project implementation, problems such as arrears in project payments could be avoid by using distributed ledger and smart contract technology.

●   The investment is reduced and the project operation is easier.

Trading Center of Digital Asset

The digital asset trading center can continuously and effectively disclose the underlying real trade background, thereby digitizing assets in the fields of grain, precious metals, minerals, rubber, tea and other fields. Can make commodity trading more flexible and autonomous in the market.

Sovereign countries are gradually involved in the pricing of commodities in industries such as grain, precious metals, minerals, rubber, and tea.

Bring social value and benefits to sovereign countries, stimulate economic development, centrally supervise commodity transactions, and prevent systemic risks.