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Function Platform

Team of EMT management 
EMT is the highest responsibility institution of IBS. It is entrusted by the board of directors to perform daily management of IBS. All menbers are familiar with whole company's operation process and belong to core senior.  These members are very important to company's daily operation and strategic decision. 

President Office
Providing service of official paper works, administrative affairs management, vehicle management, extinguishment and safty, public relationship management, legal affairs, information system construction, internal information integration mangement and so on to president. 

Global Research and Development Center
Core research and development department in the Group. It includes department of policy and standards, research, global technology, platform development, solutions, data analysis and product testing. 

Policy and Standard Department
Formulate the IBS global clearing and payment standard system, and can produce the corresponding corporate standards according to the regulatory requirements of each region; maintain close contact with regulatory authorities and actively participate in the drafting process of global financial standards.

Research Institute
Build a friendly environment ecosystem to provide external resources for IBS. According to different directions, it can set up several committees or IBS special experts 

Global Technology Department 
It belongs to delivery department of research team. Manage various external resources to complete project implementation and delivery according to total program from solutions department; For projects that require follow-up operation and maintenance, the formation and training of the operation and maintenance team will also be completed, and they will be responsible for subsequent technical support; department responsibilities do not include projects developed and maintained by IBS themselves, such as cross-border clearing platforms.

Platform Development Department 
Responsible for undertaking the subsequent development and maintenance of the IBS business platform, And according to the business department facing the needs of other industries or citizen card applications, the corresponding clearing system has been developed; Responsible to maintain business platform and other hardware resources; According to requirements of IBS business development, the department should respond to develop and maintain other software systems. 

Solutions Department 
It belongs to the frontier department of the R&D team and provides innovative solutions based on the needs of various business departments, including overall plan planning and partner selection, and constantly introduces innovative technical solutions to enhance the overall value of IBS.

Data Analysis Center
It responds to IBS business platform equipment maintenance, 24 hours surveillance system and high quality of hardware to ensure business sustainability; Responds to maintain the hardware resource configuration and daily maintenance work of the IBS business platform; according to the development needs of the IBS business, purchasing hardware resources required according to business performance, providing system and hardware support

Products Testing Center
Responds to testing certification implement of hardware products in the IBS business medium-end area; Responds to support hardware products technology infromation of solution and global technology department; Responsible for the technical support of various hardware products used in specific projects in the IBS business platform; responsible for the management of external parties such as product selection, supplier selection, product procurement and other hardware products  

Strategy and Market
Promote Department. Including public relationship, government relationship, strategy planning, sales strategy, decision-making progress, planning company's long term development strategy, company's annual sales goals, divide and implement sales goals, organize capital resource and integrate external resource, advance company's strategy and so on.

Domestic Business Department 
According to the company's development, the domestic business is distributed in five regions: North China, Central China, Southwest, South China, and East China. Each region has a business development department, market and government relations department, and operation support department;

Business Development Department
According to local cycle conditions, combined with market economy and demand dynamics, formulate practical domestic business development strategies and sales targets; formulated development plans, fully implement the development of domestic business work, and make every effort to complete the goals; responsible for daily domestic business reception, acceptance, contract Signing, project follow-up and other work.

Marketing and Government Relationship Department
Responsibility for developing regional clients and maintaning relationships with local government, public and human resources.  

Operation Supporting Department
Responsibility for maintaining regional companies' operation works.

Global Business Management
Resiponsibility for global business making, program risk controls, business management and the analysis of laws and regulations of various countries and the formulation of business development standards and service standards for enterprises in various countries 

Platform Operation
Including Data Center, Business Operation Center, Technology Supporting Department and Supplier Management Department. What's more, It will responds to provide technicla guide to company's business and related service,  standardize processing, make technical rules, supervise and coordinate with full-time management department and so on.

Operation Supporting
Including human resource, design, finance and other supporting department to maintain company.

Overseas Business Department One (Cross-border)
According to the implementation of the established global business plan, it is responsible for the landing operation of the group's cross-border business, integrating company and customer resources to reduce project costs, thereby improving the company's revenue, and achieving the company's short-term business goals and long-term development planning.

Overseas Business Department Two (Local Currency)
According to the implementation of the established global business plan, it is responsible for the operation of the group's overseas local currency operations, the integration of company and customer resources to reduce project costs, thereby improving the company's revenue, and achieving the company's short-term business goals and long-term development plans.

Overseas Technology Department
The full-time management department responsible for implementing technical guidance, standardizing technological processes, formulating technical standards, grasping technical management, implementing technical supervision and coordination for overseas products, providing technical support for overseas projects, and being responsible for the work undertaken.

Overseas Market and Relationship with Government
Responsible for overseas market and customer development; establishment and maintenance of overseas public relations and network resources.